Q.When will my proxies get delivered?

A. Delivery of proxies will be noted in the information section of the product

Q. How do i test my proxies to ensure its not banned?

A. The best way to test your proxies without causing it to be banned is in browser, using google chrome. here is a clear and concise video to show you how to do this

Q. I put in an order without my ip, what do i do?

A. Its fine, send us your IP from your purchase email with your order email up to 24 hours before drop time

Q. Why are my proxy speeds super slow when im testing them in bot?

A. Generally, when testing your proxies in a bot, the first connection will always be slow. You must retest it again to see the full potential speed of your proxy

q. my proxies don't work, what should i do?

A. Contact us on twitter or by email and we will quickly work to resolve your problem

q. how do i get my servers ip ahead of time before i create it?

A. You can get an elastic IP before creating your server IP. For Vultr. For AWS

q. how do i get access to BACKdoor proxies discord?

A. From time to time. we will open spots for our discord group where you will have access to guides, jigs, and sitelists.