all-in-1 backdoor proxies guide

The purpose of this guide is to answer ALL your concerns and questions about our proxies. Please refer to this before emailing or messaging us on Twitter or Discord

Topic Covered

  1. What are IP authorized proxies?
  2. How do I know what IP to use for authorization?
  3. What do I do when my IP is dynamic?
  4. My tester is returning all “BAD PROXIES”, What do I do?
  5. What are your proxy speeds?

What are ip authorized proxies?

iP authorized proxies are proxies in the following format

They will only work on specific IPs that are "authorized" hence the name. It is possible for us to allow any IP to use the proxies, if you need this feature please refer to the IP change form.


It is important to know that your ip is dependent on the your internet service provider. Your machine's public IP will change depending on your internet connection. For example, if you look up your laptop's IP at work vs home, it will be different. Plan ahead and figure out where your will be copping and give me that IP to authorize. IMPORTANT: If you are running a server give me the server IP(the IP you use to connect to the server). If you do not want to keep your server running, please look into sticky IP(I have links in FAQ section of my site).

my tester is returning all "bad proxies", what do i do?

First, do not hesitate to contact me if your proxies do not seem to be working. 99% of the problem with "bad proxies" is incorrect IP authorization(either I input it wrong or you gave me the wrong IP to authorize). Sometimes a tester may return some proxies as being bad when in fact they work. If you would like to truly test your proxy, test in browser(once again, I have links in my FAQ). You will only have to test the first and last to determine if your proxies are authorized correctly.


What are Your proxy speeds?

*These are our speeds, We wont sugarcoat it like some other providers, what you see is what you get. the speeds vary a lot and will rotate so don't be alarmed. our loyal customers are happy with our proxies and come back time and time again. there is a long history of proven success. we take pride in never having a drop in which all or most of our users had non-working/bad proxies and will continue this streak. there's a reason why so many developers and groups stand behind us.

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